The Road Lez Travelled

I literally photograph everything.

Every day my poor kids are subjected to the old ‘Smile!’ as I yet again shove my IPhone into their faces. I used to think I must have lost someone very dear to me in a past life, as I feel this burning need to capture and cherish every moment. I can’t do grudges, I can’t stay angry, I can’t let someone drive away after an argument. And I can’t let my children’s lives pass without capturing as much as I possibly can.

I am a same sex mother of five children, and no, I have never been in a straight relationship.  I am one of the lucky few who has had access to a range of assisted reproduction techniques, all thanks to one man who decided many years ago to donate his sperm. Little did he know that one day there would be 48 children out there from his donations, five of which I’m lucky enough to call mine.

Credit must also go, of course, to the clinic, doctor and admin staff at Qld Fertility Group who facilitated the whole process.  Without them, I fear my polycystic ovaries would have left me a highly attentive auntie rather than a mother.

I have a fourteen year old boy, Master Z, a twelve year old girl, Miss D, a seven year old boy, Master M, a four year old boy, Master C and a one year old girl, Miss L.

I carried four children, three of those biologically mine, one biologically my ex partner’s and am mum to a daughter that I did not carry, who is not biologically mine. I’ll just let that sink in for a minute. It’s a lot to swallow. 

I’ve basically seen and done it all as far as the fertility journey goes. And I can tell you categorically that the hows and whos make no difference whatsoever to the end result. I have 5 children who are my life. I love each and every one of them unconditionally and uniquely for the amazing and beautiful people that they are. They are all so incredibly different, it keeps life interesting that’s for sure.

I turn 40 in January, and having been legally married not yet two weeks ago, I find myself reflecting on my life journey thus far, and how very much has changed for me as a gay female since first ‘coming out’ at age 19.

My ‘coming out’ involved me accidentally kissing the girl of my dreams in front of my entire family at my cousin’s 21st. But that is a story for another day… For all the hurdles, the ups and downs and hair raising experiences over the years, I couldn’t be happier.  My five children, my loving wife and my many, many happy photographs.

21 years ago, I never, ever would have seen myself here.

Happy days.

7 thoughts on “The Road Lez Travelled

  1. MYRAINBOWTRIBE has just shot to the top of my required reading list.
    My wife and I also successfully went down the IVF path, and, combined with a course of fertlity-enhancing acupuncture treatments (courtesy of a practice at Jamboree Heights called SHEN THERAPIES) became proud parents of our daughter now aged 8.

    Looking forward to many interesting reads Shannon.


    1. Aaahhh Glen! You were part of my kick in the pants to get moving on this writing business. Thank you for the inspiration! I fear I shall never be as dry, funny or quirky as you are in your amazing blogs, but I’ll at least attempt to give people a bit of insight into my life… thanks so much for the support and encouragement, much appreciated.
      Ps. I had no idea Lia was conceived with IVF!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re pretty good to remember Lia’s name Shannon.
        As to quirks.. Yeah I’ve got a few but they’re little and lovable ones so I can still get by.

        On a sidenote, If you’ll pardon the use of the expression Shannon, it’s great to see you’ve come out of the closet to show yourself for the confident writer you are. Where did that come from? Was it from all the years writing school reports that said “Jimmy is a positive asset to this class” (Note: Remember I used to proofread some of your reports so that line is a direct quote!)


  2. Really enjoyed your accounts here Shannon. You are such a talented writer I was riveted to your story. Even though I have lived parts of it, the fresh way you describe your feelings and emotions makes it a vital history of your life. Thanks for sharing.


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